You're really hot

thank u

I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you upset I just thought you'd like the song okay sorry bye

no no no it’s okay i liked it!!!! i’m not actually sad now i’m listening to happy music don’t be sorry!!!!!

The picture you posted the other day isn't in your me tag :(

that’s because it was a response to an anon! i’ll reblog it and delete all the junk in the textbox underneath and add the tag, give me a second.

look up turn your face by little mix ok ok?

r u trying to make me cry :(((((

good song but hurts like a knife because personal life reasons

wait, what is going on with the new layout?

Tumblr’s updating. This one’s very extreme.

Do you like Iron & Wine's version of Such Great Heights better than the Postal Service's?

no omfg

i just can fall asleep easier to it

ay gurl r u justin bieber because ur smokin


Hi. I love your blog, but i actully love Moffat. I completely respect your opinion but could you possibly tag your Moffat hate? You don't have to, it would just let me still enjoy your amazingness while not having to put up with an opinion i wholeheartedly disagree with. Thanks! - Your loving and adoring follower.

I can definitely tag it for you because you asked so nicely. I do like Moffat a lot, I think he’s a very talented writer - I just don’t like the direction he’s been taking Doctor Who down. I’ll tag it with “moffat why”, when I feel the need to reblog thigns like that. Have a lovely day, dearest c:

Yeah, I mean I don't mean to suggest that this is a universal way to cope with it and I try not to joke about it too much, especially when I'm with people that I understand have been or are feeling suicidal. Everyone deals with these things differently and if joking about it isn't how you do it, that's perfectly fine. I just feel like there's a fine line between joking as a way to cope and joking about it because you're an asshole with a bad sense of humor that you didn't acknowledge.

Joking as a way to cope usually leaves people feeling uncomfortable is what I’m saying, it’s all up to your audience. Certain people have certain comfort zones. I was talking to this kid last week who, after recounting any awkward story, would say “I was like ready to slit my wrists and die about it”. I sat there cringing but I’m sure his friends disregarded it and didn’t even notice; I was very sensitive to it, they weren’t. I don’t think it’s right to cope potentially at someone else’s expense is all I’m saying. I’m not saying you’re a douchebag for it by any means, I’m just trying to say that while it does help you (which is a great thing!) it can make others upset (which is a bad thing!). It’s obviously not your goal to upset them, you’re just trying to feel a little bit better by making it seem less serious. That’s not all that effective as a coping method, I’m sure you’ll find there are better ways. If you can’t find them, message me off anon and I’ll tell you some of mine.

honestly, i have never actually tried to kill myself, but when people mention it or make jokes about suicide i get really really uncomfortable to the point of like sweating and shit and so clearly a lot of people are put off by it even if makes the speaker feel more comfortable they should just keep it to themselves


a lot of people are sensitive to it. the moral of the story is to not joke about it.

hooray all of you have now passed how not to be an asshole regarding really upsetting topics 101!!!!!

I have a friend who says "I'm gonna kms" and I feel like it distinguishes the difference between jokingly and seriously. It still makes me slightly uncomfortable, but it's not triggering or upsetting to me at all. Thoughts?

This may seem stupid but to me, kms is more like “commit” which has less of an impact on me. However, it could still be extremely triggering to someone else.

Speaking as someone who was recently feeling extremely suicidal, I've personally found that joking about my suicidal tendencies in the past can sort of help me deal with it. However, if you're referring to people that make jokes at the expense of people who're suicidal and/or killed themselves or something like that then yeah, by all means should those people go fuck themselves.

Speaking as one who has tried to kill herself, I am not a fan at all of people tossing it around lightly. While I am glad that you found something that works for you, your coping habits should not have to affect other people and I promise you that I’m not the only person who is triggered a great deal by it.

are saying things like "i'm gonna commit" or "i'm going to kill myself" when stressed out or complaining viewed on the level to jokes about suicide? (the person saying these things are not actually suicidal)

"i’m gonna commit" is tactless and hurtful but manageable. "i’m going to kill myself" is not an alright thing to throw around.

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